Case Study

Twin Towers Boosts Security

Twin Towers Condominiums in Manchester, NH, faced ongoing security concerns, including trespassing, vandalism, a growing homeless presence and drug-related activities taking place on premises.

These issues not only compromised the safety of the residents but also began to tarnish the community’s well-being and reputation.

Property management recognized the urgency of addressing these security challenges. They sought effective measures to eradicate these issues by turning to American Alliance for assistance. 

➡️ Understanding the critical need for comprehensive security measures, American Alliance partnered with Twin Towers Condominiums, to develop a tailored security plan. We proposed deploying a team of uniformed security officers to conduct regular patrols and enforce strict access control measures, while implementing a zero-tolerance policy towards trespassers and illicit activities

➡️ Upon implementation, our security personnel patrolled the premises round-the-clock, ensuring a visible and authoritative presence. They monitored all access points, swiftly addressed any unauthorized presence, and liaised with law enforcement when necessary. Our teams also engaged in community outreach, fostering positive relationships with residents and acting as a proactive deterrent to criminal elements.

The introduction of on-site security services resulted in a remarkable transformation at Twin Towers Condominiums. The visible security presence significantly helped reduce incidents of trespassing, vandalism, and drug-related activities. Residents reported feeling safer and more secure, which lead to a very noticeable improvement in the overall atmosphere and reputation of the complex.

Client Feedback

"I am delighted to express my gratitude to you all for the services in making our community a safer place. As you are aware, the security issues we were facing were daunting. The positive changes are remarkable. With the presence of your guards, the quality of life for our residents has significantly improved. We couldn't possibly be more satisfied with the outcomes achieved."
Dennis Couture
Property Manager

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