Training & Development

Upholding an uncompromising commitment to excellence.

Going above industry standards, our core training procedures establish pioneering benchmarks for excellence. They represent our unwavering commitment to preparing our security teams and ensuring unmatched service quality for our clients.

We firmly believe in the crucial role of ongoing development for our security officers, essential not only for their success but also for our clients’ satisfaction. Our training endeavors to nurture a skilled and knowledgeable team, prepared and ready to handle any situation with expertise, safety, and professionalism. 

Role of a Security Officer: Ensuring security personnel acquire a comprehensive understanding of their role, duties, and obligations. 

Customer Service: Skills to handle inquiries, provide assistance, and maintain a positive image as ambassadors of our clients.

Legal Powers: We provide in-depth knowledge of the legal powers bestowed upon security officers, including their authority.

Effective Communication: Emphasizing clear and concise communication, both verbal and written, to effectively convey information.

Ethics & Professional Conduct: The importance of integrity and professionalism in all actions and interactions.

Report Writing: Effectively documenting incidents, observations, and other relevant information accurately and concisely.

Health and Safety: Health and safety practices for security personnel to protect themselves and others in various environments.

WHMIS: Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS), to identify and handle hazardous substances safely.

Use of Force: Principles about the use of force, prioritizing de-escalation tactics and assessing appropriate levels of force only if necessary.

Fire Safety Awareness: Practical training to ensure security personnel can respond efficiently in fire-related emergencies.

Government Legislation: The basics of government legislation, introducing security officers to key legal concepts that impact their roles.

Conflict Resolution: Conflict resolution techniques are crucial for security officers to defuse challenging situations peacefully. 

Public Relations: We emphasize positive public relations, teaching our personnel to represent our clients well and promote a positive image.

Emergency Preparedness: Training on emergency response protocols, evacuation procedures, and crisis management.

Breach of Security: How to identify and respond to security breaches effectively.

Leadership: Learning how to take charge in critical situations and guide others towards safety and resolution.

We work closely with our clients to create tailored training programs and post orders to meet their specific security needs.

Our personnel undergo specialized accredited training for their assigned sites, covering essential areas:

  1. Access Control
  2. Behavioral Recognition
  3. Canine Handling
  4. Metal Detection
  5. Fire Panel Training
  6. Central Dispatch
  7. CCTV Operations
  8. Security Escorting
  9. Surveillance Techniques
  10. Traffic Control
  11. Patrol Techniques
  12. Advanced Customer Service
  13. Special Event Security
  14. First Aid / CPR / DFIB
  15. Vehicle Checks

This training equips our security officers to handle diverse situations, ensuring top-notch protection for our clients’ premises.

We prioritize staying current with evolving standards through periodic, facility-specific training. Supervisors regularly evaluate and collaborate with our clients to identify additional training needs.

Workshops and random field visits by supervisors bolster skills and knowledge. These measures guarantee our personnel remain adaptable and well-prepared, underpinning our ability to deliver satisfactory service and maintain a strong, competent team.

Given the immense responsibility to safeguard people, data, and facilities, supervision is multidimensional in our business.

Our seasoned field supervisors conduct routine, surprise site inspections, ensuring service excellence. They rectify issues promptly and ensure open client communication to meet specific needs for maximum satisfaction. Detailed inspection reports inform both senior management of American Alliance and our clients.

This supervision system, with regular site checks, forms a robust quality control framework. It allows us to proactively address areas needing improvement, constantly enhancing client satisfaction. These practices showcase our commitment to accountability and continual improvement.

We’re proud of our remarkably low turnover, a result of the supportive environment we’ve built. Our commitment to exceptional benefits, thorough training, and above-average incentives ensures our personnel feel valued and motivated, leading to outstanding performance and genuine pride in their work.

Treating our team with the same care as our clients fosters mutual respect, boosting morale and inspiring consistent exceptional service.

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