Case Study

Riverwalk Bolsters Security through Integrated Guarding

Residences at Riverwalk, a residential complex in Manchester, NH, experienced persistent problems with urban campers trespassing on-site, resulting in serious security concerns and disrupting the peace and safety of its residents. These unauthorized entries created a sense of great unease and instability within the community, prompting the need for a comprehensive security solution.

Riverwalk aimed to implement a proactive security strategy to address the issue of unauthorized entry by urban campers. The objective was to deploy an Integrated Guarding plan, complemented by Remote Guarding to effectively deter trespassers and restore a sense of safety and security within the community.

➡️ STEP #1: During nighttime hours, On-site Security was temporarily implemented, as this was the period when the majority of incidents occurred. Our Security Officers provided active, real-time protection by responding promptly to on-scene incidents and situations requiring immediate action while our Field Operations team conducted their initial on-site evaluation during the day.

➡️ STEP #2: Once we had completed our evaluations, the temporary on-site guarding solution was discontinued and Remote Guarding was fully optimized. Following the identification of the site’s most vulnerable areas, a compact video surveillance system was tailored to facilitate the seamless deployment of security cameras integrated video analytics. These analytics promptly notify our Remote Guarding Officers of any unauthorized activity on the site, while also capturing non-threatening events. The cameras are also equipped with auditory speakers, which enable our Dispatch team to communicate with on-site individuals and promptly address any emerging risks in real-time.

✅ Enhanced Security Measures: Call-down procedures facilitated by Remote Guarding allowed for instant and direct communication with trespassing parties, leading to more effective resolution of security breaches.

✅ Real-Time Response: The integration video analytics enabled swift detection and response to unauthorized site activity, ensuring timely intervention by our Remote Guarding Officers.

✅ Mitigation of Incidents: The Remote Guarding solution successfully protected Riverwalk from over 20 incidents in one month alone. 

✅ Restored Resident Satisfation: The implementation of advanced security measures contributed to a heightened sense of security and safety among Riverwalk’s residents, enhancing overall satisfaction with the living environment.

Client Feedback

"I am incredibly impressed with the results we've seen. We've also received so much positive feedback from many residents who say they feel safer knowing that trespassers are directly warned to leave the premise. The efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the system put in place have also exceeded our expectations. Our security landscape has been completely reformed, and we couldn't be more pleased with everything."
Security Guard Service Patrol Company Manchester NH
Emily Reynolds
Property Manager

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