Case Study

Restoring Safety at Waypoint

In the aftermath of a homicide on their premises, Waypoint NH (formerly Child & Family Services of NH) encountered widespread fear among residents, staff, and the community. This event significantly undermined the area’s sense of security. Seeking to restore safety, management of Waypoint enlisted American Alliance for armed security services.

The primary goal of this collaboration was to establish a visible and effective security presence to alleviate fear, calm residents and staff, and serve as a deterrent against further criminal activities.

➡️ Enhanced Security Personnel: We deployed uniformed, trained, and licensed armed security personnel to patrol the property and its vicinity.

➡️ Visible Presence: Armed security officers maintained a highly visible presence throughout the property, reassuring residents, staff, and visitors.

➡️ Communication: American Alliance collaborated closely with Waypoint NH, maintaining regular communication throughout the process to ensure that any new needs or requirements were addressed promptly, and residents and staff were kept informed.

➡️ Collaboration with Law Enforcement: We fostered a close working partnership with the Manchester Police Department, enabling prompt responses to potential security threats and promoting a unified approach to neighborhood safety.

✅ Restored Confidence: The armed security presence played a crucial role of restoring confidence in residents, staff, and the community. The visible security measures helped to allay fears and promote a sense of security within the property and the surrounding area.

✅ Crime Deterrence: The proactive security measures not only addressed immediate concerns but also had a lasting impact on overall crime and theft in the notoriously affected neighborhood. The presence of armed security officers acted as a great deterrent, which resulted in a reduction in overall criminal activities.

✅ Enhanced Reputation: By proactively addressing the security situation, Waypoint NH demonstrated its commitment to the safety and well-being of its stakeholders. This positive action enhanced the organization’s reputation as a responsible and caring entity within the community.

Client Feedback

"I cannot emphasize enough the impact of partnering with you and your team. Your team played a major role in restoring a sense of safety and calmness following a distressing incident. Not only did their presence help reassure our residents and staff but also significantly reduced incidents of concern."
Colleen Ives

Our Expertise, Your Peace.