Case Study

PillPack: A Transformational Journey

PillPack, a pharmaceutical company headquartered in Manchester, NH, faced significant security challenges when their property became a site for homeless encampments and drug-related activities.

The presence of tents and drug-related incidents posed serious concerns for employee safety, causing fear among staff members, especially when walking to their cars after work. Furthermore, this situation impacted the company’s reputation and business relationships.

PillPack engaged American Alliance to address the escalating security issues on their premises. Collaborating closely, PillPack and American Alliance devised a comprehensive security strategy to mitigate the challenges faced, restoring their reputation while swiftly cleaning up the issues.

➡️ Deployment of Security Personnel: American Alliance provided trained security officers equipped with marked security patrol vehicles for a visible security presence on-site. These dedicated security officers conducted regular foot and vehicle patrols of the premises, ensuring constant vigilance and immediate response to any security concerns.

➡️ Property Cleanup and Maintenance: The security team worked diligently to address the issues related to the homeless encampments. They implemented measures such as increased patrols, installation of fencing, and collaboration with local authorities to discourage illegal camping and trespassing. These efforts ensured a safer environment for PillPack employees, vendors, and visitors, restoring peace of mind and enhancing the overall security posture of the premises.

➡️ Collaborative Security Measures: American Alliance collaborated closely with PillPack’s management to devise effective and long-term security protocols. They implemented access control measures, installed surveillance systems, and conducted ongoing risk assessments to proactively address security vulnerabilities.

✅ Enhanced Security: The visible presence of security officers and the cleanup of the property significantly reduced issues of homelessness and drug-related activities, creating a safer environment overall.

✅ Restored Confidence: PillPack regained trust and confidence among its employees, who felt safer walking to their vehicles after work. Additionally, the improved security measures reinstated trust among potential business partners, facilitating renewed business collaborations.

✅ Successful Operation: The collaboration between PillPack and American Alliance proved to be a successful endeavor, transforming the property’s security landscape and bolstering PillPack’s standing within the community.

Client Feedback

"The visible presence and proactive measures of your staff significantly improved our reputation, reassuring our partners and paving the way for renewed business relationships. We're grateful for their professionalism and the successful outcome they've brought to PillPack."
Lisa Stratton
Facilities Manager

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