Case Study

Mitigating Workplace Threats

Our client, Sitecore faced a critical security challenge when a former employee, terminated for company policy violations, made credible threats to return and harm staff members. Given the individual’s violent history, the threat was taken extremely seriously by Sitecore’s team of executives, necessitating immediate security measures.

Understanding the urgency and gravity of the situation, our team conducted a thorough assessment of the risks and vulnerabilities. We met and collaborated closely with company management to gather crucial information about the disgruntled ex-employee, including his physical description, history, photograph, vehicle details, and potential motives.

➡️ Plainclothes and Concealed Armed Security Officers: Our team deployed highly trained security officers, dressed in plainclothes and equipped with concealed firearms. By blending in seamlessly with the company environment, they maintained a low profile while ensuring swift and decisive action if the threat materialized.

➡️ Covert Surveillance: In addition to on-site security presence, we arranged for and implemented covert surveillance measures to monitor the premises discreetly. This allowed us to identify and track any suspicious activity without causing undue concern among Sitecore’s employees.

➡️ Collaboration with Local Law Enforcement: Recognizing the importance of coordination and communication, we established a close partnership with the Manchester Police Department. We shared pertinent information about the threat, including the individual’s photo and vehicle description, to facilitate proactive monitoring and response.

Over the course of three weeks, our strategic security measures proved highly effective in mitigating the threat posed by the disgruntled ex-employee. Through diligent surveillance and vigilant monitoring, we ensured the safety and security of the company’s premises and personnel.

The operation was concluded successfully, with no incidents reported during the security deployment period. Our presence reassured Sitecore’s executives, all while not alarming their employees, allowing the company to resume normal operations with confidence.

Client Feedback

"Your discreet way of handling this situation provided us with a sense of security without causing undue alarm among our staff. The professionalism and strategic approach of your guards allowed us to maintain our normal day-to-day operations without interruption. I commend your team for their exceptional service."
Armed Security Guards Manchester NH
Rachel Russell
Office Manager

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