Case Study

Fresenius: Confronting a New Challenge

Fresenius Medical Care, a dialysis clinic in Rochester, NH, faced a security challenge when a disruptive incident occurred, involving a patient making serious threats. This incident caused distress among staff and other patients.

The patient who had made the threats had to be treated twice per week. The clinic could legally not forbid the patient access to the premises, but they needed to reassure the safety of all others on premises. As members of the staff and other patients were shaken by the threats made, Fresenius Medical Care seeked armed security services with the aim of mitigating the threat and calming all stakeholders.

➡️ Understanding the urgency and seriousness of our client’s situation, American Alliance swiftly responded by deploying uniformed and armed security officers to the clinic. These highly trained personnel specialized in crisis intervention and de-escalation techniques.

➡️ Every day, our security officers positioned themselves at the main entrance of the lobby to ensure the safety of everyone at the clinic. They conducted foot patrols of the interior and exterior perimeters regularly. Their presence provided a sense of security and reassurance to the staff and patients, especially when the patient in question was on premises receiving treatment.

The deployment of our armed security officers played a pivotal role in diffusing the tense atmosphere at the clinic. Their intervention did not only help mitigate the immediate threat but also restored a sense of safety and calmness, allowing the clinic to resume its operations smoothly and efficiently.

Client Feedback

"The expertise that was demonstrated by your staff in this alarming situation was simply invaluable. All your officers diffused the tense environment, reassuring everyone and allowing our operations to continue smoothly. Their professionalism restored a sense of safety. I thank them all for their work." 
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Marie Perez
Administrative Manager

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