Case Study

Construction Site Protection

Our client CMC Design-Build, tasked with building a new industrial building in Londonderry, NH, approached us with concerns regarding persistent security breaches. The site was frequently accessed by unauthorized individuals, leading to incidents of theft of materials and equipment, as well as vandalism, which all led to disruptions in operations. These challenges incurred significant financial losses and delays.

To address our client’s security needs, our team conducted a thorough assessment of the site. We identified vulnerable entry points, blind spots, and patterns of unauthorized access. Additionally, we analyzed previous security measures implemented by the client and assessed their effectiveness.

➡️ Armed Security Personnel: Trained and licensed armed security officers were deployed to patrol the construction site after-hours. Equipped with the necessary tools and expertise, they served as a visible deterrent to trespassers and provided immediate response to any security threats.

➡️ Marked Patrol Vehicles: To enhance visibility and mobility, we introduced marked patrol vehicles equipped with LED patrol lights and a PC system. This allowed our security team to conduct regular patrols of the site perimeter and swiftly respond to any suspicious activity.

➡️ Access Control Measures: We implemented strict access control protocols, including the installation of perimeter fencing, access control points, and gates. Authorized personnel were issued with identification badges or access codes, while all other entry attempts were closely monitored and scrutinized.

➡️ Surveillance Technology: To augment our on-site presence, we installed advanced surveillance cameras strategically positioned across the site. These cameras provided real-time monitoring and recording of activities, enabling us to identify and track potential security threats.

Within the first week of implementing the new security measures, tangible improvements were observed. Unauthorized access attempts decreased significantly, with trespassers deterred by the visible presence of armed security personnel and the marked patrol vehicle. Incidents of vandalism and theft were virtually eliminated, ensuring the safety of workers and protecting valuable assets, while increasing productivity.

Client Feedback

"I highly recommend American Alliance to anybody looking for reliable security. Working with them was a game-changer for our construction project. Thanks to their invaluable contribution, we were able to focus on project execution without concerns about security breaches."
Construction Site Security Guard Company Manchester NH
Corey Martinez
Project Manager

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