Case Study

Restoring a Reputation

Pine Acres, an RV campground located in Raymond, NH, had garnered a reputation for loud parties and criminal activity over the years. However, under new management, a transformative effort was initiated to revert the campground to its former family-friendly atmosphere.

The new leadership recognized the urgent need to address the campground’s negative reputation and restore its appeal as a family-friendly destination. To achieve this, they sought the assistance of our security services to implement effective measures to control access, enforce regulations, and promote a safe environment for all visitors.

This case study outlines how strategic security measures facilitated this turnaround.

➡️ Access Control: To regulate entry and monitor campground activity, we implemented access control measures such as gated entry points and visitor registration procedures. This ensured that only authorized individuals gained access to the premises, reducing the risk of unwanted incidents.

➡️ Enforcement of Curfew and Regulations: Recognizing the importance of maintaining a peaceful environment, we enforced curfew times and other campground regulations rigorously. Our security personnel patrolled the grounds regularly, addressing any violations promptly and professionally.

➡️ Community Engagement: We fostered positive relationships with campground visitors through community engagement initiatives and proactive communication. By fostering a sense of accountability and mutual respect, we encouraged campers to adhere to Pine Acres’ rules and contribute to a safe and enjoyable environment for all.

Through the collaborative efforts of Pine Acres management and our security team, significant improvements were observed in the campground’s atmosphere and reputation. The implementation of access control measures, enforcement of curfew times, and consistent adherence to campground regulations led to a noticeable reduction in disruptive behavior and criminal activity.

Over the course of only 3 months, Pine Acres fully regained its status as a family-friendly campground, attracting visitors seeking a safe and enjoyable outdoor experience. Troublemakers either ceased their disruptive behavior or chose to seek alternative destinations, allowing Pine Acres to reclaim its reputation as a welcoming and peaceful retreat.

Client Feedback

"I am currently using American Alliance Security for a very large campground in NH with a notorious reputation. The officers (Alex and Alan) who represent the Manchester, NH branch have delivered on so many levels. They are extremely professional, provide a high level of quality service and are overall really good guys. I presented American Alliance with a really tall task and challenge regarding the safety and security of our guests and the overall behavior that has been exhibited in the park in the past. Alex and Alan have responded tenfold. There have been ZERO responses or calls needed from local authorities. There have been ZERO issues or complaints from within the campground. Security was needed, security was obtained and now security is observed as professional, courteous and a presence. This is the best business decision I have made! Thank you, Gianni, Alex and Alan."
Steve Grant
Resort Manager

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